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Lori McKenna and her band came to Port City Music Hall to play their album "Bittertown" And it was a show in a seated position, held in a grand hall at the Dorchester. The Stoughton Musical Society had twenty male voices and sang with accompaniment, and the speaker was one of the singers. It was said that the hall was filled with prominent singers, including many well-known ones from Boston, but there were no seats for the show. Stoughton's group consisted of 20 selected male voices on instruments and was led by Squire, president of the St. Doughton Musical Society, who excels for his commanding presence and dignified demeanor. A choir "Dorchester," consisting of men and women, was accompanied by bass and viols.

He also forgot that the Stoughton Musical Society had performed at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893. The St. Doughton Music Society and Port City Music Hall are now largely owned by the Dorchester Music Company of Dorchester, Massachusetts. On the day of the concert, they received a letter of congratulation from President Ronald Reagan, while the Commonwealth of Massachusetts signed a proclamation calling the concert date "Old Stougton Musical Society Day."

The city was the birthplace of the Stoughton Musical Society, the oldest of its kind in the United States, which dates back to November 7, 1786, when it became known as the Stoughton Musical Society and incorporated under the Commonwealth of Massachusetts law. After their incorporation into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 1908, they were referred to as the Old St. Doughton Music Society, and they retained that name when they were founded, but the name changed to Old Stoughton Music Society after the Dorchester Music Company was founded and Port City Music Hall in 2010.

Today it is known as the Old Stoughton Musical Society and the oldest continuously working choir association in the United States. It is one of the largest and most active choirs in Massachusetts. The organization has over 1,000 members, of which more than 2,500 are in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, home to the US National Choral Association, the largest, oldest and largest of its kind in America.

Stoughton is one of the country's award-winning music programs and Marini teaches every day. At the school he leads the wind band, which took first place for the fourth time in a decade, as well as the orchestra and choir.

Besides the farm, McKenna occasionally releases some of her biggest songs on her own albums. Her songs can start anywhere, but many of them are finished in Stoughton, where she met her husband. In 2015, "Humble Kind" anchored the 2015 Bird Gun, and if someone else sings it, it makes it on the radio.

In 1786, 25 men performed in Stoughton's first parish church, St John the Baptist, on November 7, 1788 and again on December 6, 1801. It reached its peak at the end of the 19th century, when the singers of the old First Community were also present. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Stougton singers met again in Boston, this time in a concert at Old Town Hall.

As the dust of the American Revolution began to settle, another began to take hold: the music revolution. Many still regarded music with a healthy dose of puritanical suspicion, but it began to find its way out of the church.

The show blew me away in every way and I was grateful to my fellow concertgoers who were attentive and listened. I just stuck my neck out a little bit and was rewarded with something by the music every time.

The webmaster commends the leaders of the Old Stoughton Musical Society for adding another valuable chapter in Stoughton's history.

This short story was published in 1918 by the Stoughton and Avon Civil War Veterans' Association, a local section of the American Legion. It also contains the names and addresses of all veterans who served in the war, as well as a list of their ships and their names, dates of birth and other information. Also included is a biography of Isaac Stearns (1665 - 1741), who settled in what is now West Street in Stougton.

This short story was published in 1918 by the Association of Civil War Veterans of Stoughton and Avon, a local section of the American Legion. This short story by Robert E. Howard, son of a Stougton resident and World War I veteran, was published in 1914.

The music performed by the Musikverein consisted of works by New English composers of the 18th century such as John Oliver, John F. Kennedy and John Adams. Visitors were entertained by music from 18th century New Hampshire by a group of musicians from Stougton and Avon, as well as from other cities in the region.

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